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Invisible Bead Extensions

You don't have to keep dreaming of incredible hair-you can have it. Imagine you have incredible body, the perfect length, long lasting styles, and a fuller look, all while everyone asks how you grew* it. With custom luxury hand-tied extensions it's more than possible-it's only an appointment away! You'll be amazed at how your confidence instantly skyrockets with even just one row. Extensions can even help your natural hair grow!

flip up of invisible bead extensions
Invisible Bead Extensions
flip up of invisible bead extensions

Experience the most undetectable, light-weight extensions in today's industry.  Whether you're looking to add length, fullness, or all of the above - customizable handtied extensions could be exactly what you need.

Extension pricing depends on desired length, color, amount of hair needed, etc. I'd love to have you for a complimentary consultation to discuss your hair goals!


What is the cost?

The price will vary from head to head as different, lengths, textures and amount of hair is different for everyone. An exact quote can be given at an in person consultation. 

ONE ROW.             starts at $900+

(for volume only, NO length)

TWO ROWS.         starts at $1800+

(most common- adds volume & length)

THREE ROWS.      starts at $2600+

(needed to blend out short, blunt haircuts or short layers)

What is included? 

All new installs include:

- Ethically sourced hair

- Installation

- Custom colouring of the extensions

- A cut to blend perfectly into your natural hair

- Take home kit of Full size luxury hair care products

How long does the hair last?

With proper care, products  and maintenance your hair extensions will last 8 months - a year+

How often do they get moved up?

With IBE we believe in completely removing your rows and reinstalling at your maintenance appointments, this ensures we have a nice solid foundation every time and keeps your hair and scalp healthy. Your first maintenance appointment will be scheduled for 6 weeks so e can make sure your hair and scalp look healthy and proper at home care is being done. from there we are able to determine if its safe for you to push your appointments out a few more weeks. Appointments on average are every 7-10 weeks.

What is the cost of maintenance appointments?

ONE ROW -       $225

TWO ROWS -    $400



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